Voglio provare Kindle Whispercast!

Per il suo compleanno, ho regalato a mia moglie (professoressa) un Kindle.
Mia moglie legge molto anche per lavoro, per consigliare cosa leggere.
Avevo notato che a Madrid ed a Milano in metropolitana molti leggono con smart phone o pad.
Non volevo un hardware multifunzione ma esclusivamente dedicato alla lettura: ho scelto Kindle.

Oggi l’annuncio di Kindle Whispercast. Ho provato ad iscrivermi subito ma al momento è limitato agli Stati Uniti.
Con questa webapp si è in grado di gestire centralmente un’insieme di Kindle (ad esempio una classe) e distribuire contenuti.

Manage Your Kindles
Centrally manage your Kindles from whispercast.amazon.com.
Save valuable time registering your Kindles—no more need to manually configure each Kindle one at a time for your users.
Provide Internet access by sending your wireless network and proxy settings to your Kindles so they can seamlessly connect to your network and safely browse the web.
Protect your information by requiring a password on your Kindles if desired.
Control how your Kindles are used with the ability to block Facebook and Twitter integration, web browsing, and content purchasing.
Keep your Kindle yours by blocking factory reset and device deregistration on Kindles you give your users.
Start a “Bring Your Own Device” program and send private network settings to your users’ personal Kindle devices. (Coming Soon)

Distribute Kindle Content
Wirelessly procure and distribute Kindle books to your organization’s Kindles or any PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or phone with the free Kindle app.
Meet the unique needs of your users by organizing them into groups for a specific class, grade level, or corporate department to send relevant content and documents.
Share information by uploading and distributing documents (.pdf, .doc., .docx) to your Kindles or other devices.
Let your users read on their own devices and send purchased Kindle books and documents to their personal Kindle or other devices
Take advantage of apps from the Amazon Appstore for Android that you can buy and send directly to Kindle Fire tablets. (Coming Soon)


P.S. Se volessi comprare un Kindle.

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