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csv2insert – Convert CSV into Insert SQL

csv2insert – Convert CSV into Insert SQL |

csv2insert is a powerful command line converter developed by, allowing seamless conversion of CSV files into SQL insert statements. This versatile tool works on both Windows and Linux operating systems and offers compatibility with various platforms (every OS supported by perl). Learn more about its features, usage, configuration options, and download the Windows or Linux version for testing.

Introduction to csv2insert – Convert CSV into Insert SQL

Seamless Conversion with csv2insert: Features and Benefits

How to Use csv2insert: Usage and Configuration Options

The goal of csv2inset is to convert CSV file into sql file using command “insert into”.

csv2insert [-options …] files

where options include:
-help print out this message
-configure file default csv2insert.cfg
-version the program version
-verbose verbose

with files you can use metacharacters and relative and absolute path name

About csv2insert.cfg

A line that starts with # is a comment line

At the comment you can configure 4 different settings:

  1. delimiter :  ,
    “,” is the default delimiter of the csv file but you can change it
  2. insertcmd :
    Here you can set the insert into sql comand
    insertcmd : insert into studenti(studenteID,studenteNome,studenteCognome,studenteClasse) values
  3. insertvalues:
    Here you can set how to write the fields extrct from CSV
    insertvalues ($0,’$2′,’$1′,’$3′)
    In this example $0 is a number, $2, $1 and $3 are text.
    The software will add at the end , (nothing in the last line)
  4. insertend :
    e.g. insertend : ;
    or insertend : ; SELECT * FROM studenti;

In some versions of SQL like Transact-SQL, you can also display the inserted values with the OUTPUT clause.

Compatibility and Availability

Windows and Linux Versions: Download and test the csv2insert tool for your preferred operating system.
Perl Version and Software Customization: Contact us for the perl version or any necessary software modifications.

Fee Structure and Commercial Use

Free Personal Use: Utilize csv2insert for personal purposes with a watermark during execution.
Commercial Use: Commercial users can avail themselves of csv2insert for a fee of 25€ or 30$. Contact us via [email protected] for payment details.
Conclusion: Simplify your CSV to SQL conversion process with csv2insert, a versatile command line converter developed by Seamlessly convert your CSV files into SQL insert statements with customizable options. Download the Windows or Linux version for testing and reach out to us for the perl version or software customization. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of csv2insert in your data management workflows.