How to configure Showcase page template in Twenty Eleven theme? [WordPress]

I’ve just finished to set my 3domande.con with Showcase page template of Twenty Eleven theme so I’m ready to explain you how to proceed step by step. After you have activate Twenty Eleven theme

  1. Make a new page when you describe your site. The title of the new page in my site was 3domande and the description
    sciocche domande, semplici risposte, la possilità di introdurle nel tuo sito, nelle tue pagine, nei tuoi comunicati, la possibilità di vedere e far vedere le statistiche.
    Tanti microsondaggi fanno un sondaggio!
    REMEMBER: in Page Attributes select Template -> Showcase Template
  2. Make a new page, I used in the title Blog and nothing in the description.
    REMEMBER: in Page Attributes select Template -> Showcase Template
  3. Setting -> Reading, select A static page and like Front page use the page crated in point 1) and like Posts page the page created in point 2)
  4. To make the Featured Post area edit the post you prefer and in Visibility -> Public flag Stick this post to the front page
    In the same colum in the field Featured Image introduce an image (near Insert into post you can find Use as featured image)
  5. Last step: configure the home column using Appearance -> Widgets -> Showcase Sidebar

If you want you can set also Ephemera widget.
Showcase page template in Twenty Eleven theme

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  1. Thanks dude for the show page. I have been using the Twenty Eleven theme for ever as it came out as default and one of the best. Thanks once again for the wonderful guidance.

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for your great instructions… solved some questions for me 🙂

    I just have one problem. For the featured posts, it’s not showing the circular buttons at the top right (as shown here) for multiple stickies. Do you know how I can fix this problem?? I want to have about 5-10 stickies and only one is showing right now. Don’t know how to click between them or where they are listed…

  3. Hi, this was very helpful. However my sticky posts used to slide (change) every minute or so. How can I make them slide automatically? Thank you!


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