Non riesco a trovare il nome della prima azienda produttrice mondiale di pasta!

Non riesco a trovare il nome della prima azienda produttrice mondiale di pasta!
In wikipedia ho trovato: Ebro Foods the second biggest producer of pasta (its Panzani brand is the market leader in France).
Il 14,5% della pasta secca italiana consumata nel mondo è prodotta da Pasta ZARA. Un risultato che posiziona l’azienda al primo posto tra gli esportatori italiani di pasta e al secondo tra i produttori.
?The Barilla Group is the biggest Pasta producer in world and one of the biggest food industry companies all over Europe

Possibile che non riesca a trovare una classifica dei maggiori produttori mondiali di pasta?

In attesa della diffusione dell’ Ebola fate scorta di alimentari e non solo

In attesa della diffusione dell’Ebola fate scorta di alimentari e non solo sembra una frase assurda ma è già realtà negli US.
The demand for food, water, fuel and other supplies needed in case individuals or families are required to stay in their homes has simply exploded since the first mention of an Ebola patient in the United States,” said Phil Cox, CEO, Legacy Food Storage. “Not only have we experienced it here at Legacy, but one of the largest wholesale warehouses tells us they are seeing that same significant increase. Fortunately, more and more realize they need to be prepared now instead of waiting until it’s almost too late to storm the grocery stores for the last gallon of water or loaf of bread.

Questi alcuni suggerimenti:

  • Stocking up on food by buying whatever you can when foods go on sale, or putting your money toward a bigger purchase of emergency foods with a long shelf life. Store a variety of tasty food you regularly eat, preferably freeze-dried meals that only require boiled water (and a heat source to boil it, of course).
  • Store water, at least one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days but preferably much more. Store in sanitized, food-grade containers away from heat and light, and rotate self-bottled water out every six months and store-bottled water every 12 months. Also store water purification tools.
  • Put away fuel, such as quick-lighting fuel discs or fuel cans to use along with camping stoves. It’s needed for heating, cooking meals and powering tools, generators and household appliances.
  • Gather emergency kits, with practical items such as batteries, flashlights, first aid supplies and other emergency essentials. Have kits for the home as well as ones stored in the car, in case you need to evacuate for any reason.
  • Make a family emergency plan so you know how to contact each other if you are not together as well as determine which criteria would require your family to stay home or evacuate.

70 anni dall’ #eccidio di #Villamarzana 15 ottobre 1944

Come ricordare dopo 70 anni l’eccidio di Villamarzana del 15 ottobre 1944?
Sicuramente il modo migliore è andare a Villamarzana e Castelguglielmo a ripercorrere le tappe principali.
Per coloro che non potranno farlo fisicamente propongo questa semplice mappa con i principali luoghi e le relative fotografie.
Segnalatemi informazioni o fotografie da aggiungere.

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