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Email Photo Sender software

Email Photo Sender 1.0 is a batch software tool to send all your photos with one command line to your preferred internet photo services (like Flickr, Instagram, …), to your friends, … using email.

e.g. emailphotosender *.jpg
will send all your files with extension jpg in the directory where you run the software (one email for every file)
to the email you set in emailphotosender.cfg
by the email you set in emailphotosender.cfg
using the smtp set in emailphotosender.cfg
The name of the file will become the title and the description of the image so we suggest you to rename the file name to utilize this feature
e.g. my camera default name is like DSCN0121.jpg
rename it in a description way like
Colosseum, Rome, Italy.jpg

Email Photo Sender can run in all server OS like Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, hpux. Write us for MacOS, OpenVMS, SCO, …

How to configure EmailPhotoSender

Edit emailphotosender.cfg, in the same directory where you put and run emailphotosender, to set smtp, from, mailto
Use smtp to set the smtp. You can use an ip address or the domain name e.g.
smtp :
smtp :
are valid.

Set from with your email address e.g. our is [email protected]
Set mailto with the email where you want to send the images e.g. for flickr the email is like
[email protected]

If you want you can use also command line
-to “name\” the receiver
-from “yourname\@yourdomain.ext” the sender (please change the default nobody\ with your true email address
-smtp host_name or ip address the host name or the ip address of the SMTP server

-configure file to read the configuration file in a different directory or with a different name

e.g. emailphotosender -configure /your-path/flickr.cfg *.jpg

How to register EmailPhotoSender

EmailPhotoSender is shareware. The demo version has the same features of the registered version (only for jpegs images) + watermarks.
The fee to register EmailPhotoSender is of
10 euro for a personal license (for a personal use, not inside a company)
100 euro for a company/server license

The personal license will include every image format you need (by default jpeg, png, gif. If you need others ask us and we will add it in the registered version)
The company license fee will include only jpeg. Any other image format you need will cost euro 10 more. e.g. if you need a company license for jpeg, png and gif the final fee will be 100 + 10 + 10 = 120 euro.

We accept paypal payment and make invoice. Contact us info @ pivari . com.


Here you can download the demo version of Email Photo Sender for:

If you need a demo version for MacOS, OpenVMS, SCO, … write us info @ pivari . com


  • 1.0 The first public release (18 September 2014)

If you want to add special features to EmailPhotoSender (or for every question) write us info @ pivari . com