Una Mia Fotografia Richiesta Da Un’Azienda Di San Francisco

Non è certo la prima volta che chiedono di poter utilizzare le mie fotografia ma è la priva volta che le richiede un’azienda straniera e di San Francisco!

Hi Fabrizio,

This is XXXXX XXXXX, Creative Media Editor at wcities. We create and distribute travel and event content for cities all over the world. This content is featured on our travel website, cityseekr.com, our events website, eventseekr.com, and in our events app, eventseekr by wcities. We also have clients/partners that have access to our database – you can learn more about them at http://corporate.wcities.com/. We are working towards enhancing our coverage of venues worldwide, and I have been looking for a good photo of Museo Nazionale Giuseppe Verdi. In my search, I came across the following photo of yours:

Museo Nazionale Giuseppe Verdi - Busseto

I was wondering if you would be willing to give us permission to use this image to promote the venue. You will retain all rights to your image, and can withdraw your permission at any time. All photographers are fully credited as requested, and we link back to your photostream or a website of your choice.

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Ora la mia fotografia è in queste pagine
Cityseekr: http://parma.cityseekr.com/museo-nazionale-giuseppe-verdi/entertainment-venues/venue/631048
Eventseekr: http://parma.eventseekr.com/museo-nazionale-giuseppe-verdi/entertainment-venues/venue/631048