Colosseo, Cappella Sistina, Torre di Pisa: alcuni commenti negativi

In Yeld si possono commentare i capolavori mondiali.
Interessanti alcuni commenti negativi dei principali capolavori italiani (alcuni forzati per mettersi in mostra altri …)

Torre di Pisa: Most overrated site in all of Italy. I had low expectations going to see it and still I was under impressed. I went as part of a day trip around Tuscany and it was a great trip besides this. The tower is iconic but sadly that’s it. Surrounded by tourists all trying to take their Pisa picture whether it’s holding up the tower with their feet, arms or bottom. At least that was fun to watch! I guess I’m glad I can say I went but I can’t recommend going to see it, seems like such a waste when you could be spending your time better elsewhere on your Italy holiday.

Colosseo: It was an amazing site but seemed incredibly crowded at the time.

This place is pretty cool. However, I found I spent 2 hours wandering around the forum and about 30 minutes inside here. I also took a guided tour which was informational, but a waste of money. You can learn much more by reading the signs.

The Colosseo is definitely touristy. Nearly everyone there is a tourist and there are dozens and dozens tour groups going through it all day every day. For my time and money, there are many other things to see and do in Rome, but of course, it is compulsory to take a picture of yourself in front of the Colosseo.

The Colosseum is one of the world’s great sights, up there with theTaj Mahal, Forbidden City, Machu Picchu or Timbuktu.
At 12 Euros (£9) however entry seems a little expensive – though the ticket does also cover entry to the Forum and Capitol. You do get to see a lot of ruins.
The audio tour is worth the additional 4 Euros. The guides, fake ‘gladiators’ and touts around the entrance however are a real bother and I do wish they’d stop hassling everyone who visits as aggressively as they do.
Do go, but bear in mind that you will queue for a very long time and may be disappointed as there is not much in the way of interpretation or atmosphere.

Cappella Sistina: They employ about 15 security personnel at all times to stand around and tell people not to take pictures. They can be pretty aggressive and it definitely ruins the atmosphere. Tourists come from all over the world to see this masterpiece, do they really think people won’t try and get a shot?. It’s a bit of a walk reaching the chapel

Overrated and overpacked with loud, noisy, rude tourists who don’t know how to shut up in this holy sacred place…and I’m saying this as an Atheist!
And after seeing so many other free churchs’ beautiful ceillings, I was disappointed with the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling.

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